Alfalfa/Nutrient Depletion:

  • CalciumCalcium: Mean serum calcium levels decreased significantly in a case series of 15 patients taking 40g of heat prepared alfalfa seed three times daily for eight weeks (5). Alfalfa may increase intracellular Ca+2 levels, based on an in vitro study of the alfalfa constituent L-canavanine (51).
  • GlucoseGlucose: Based on limited case report data and animal research, alfalfa may lower blood glucose levels (6; 25; 26).
  • IronIron: Alfalfa and other fibers have been shown in vitro to bind iron, therefore reducing its absorption (59).
  • PotassiumPotassium: Alfalfa may lower serum potassium concentrations, based on a human case report (28).