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nutrition house is committed to exceeding current manufacturing standards in the natural health industry. You can rest assure that any product with a nutrition house label has been highly scrutinized by our professional production team and sets new benchmarks in the industry. We take extra steps to ensure all raw materials meet our rigid standards prior to manufacturing. This helps guarantee that each ingredient and every formulation will be efficacious and produce the desired beneficial health effects they were designed for. nutrition house cares about our customers and when our name goes on label you can be confident it meets our Q extra standards

nutrition house Q-extra Quality Standards

Not all natural health products are created equal. That’s why we go the EXTRA distance in manufacturing, testing and verifying each of our products. We want you, our customer, to be confident that when you buy from nutrition house, you get more out of each and every product.

Our Q-extra quality standards prove it!

We hire the industry’s finest formulators, product developers, biochemists, nutritionists, naturopathic doctors, fitness experts and regulatory affairs consultants to develop Nutrition House products.

The ingredients, quantities and health benefits of each product are backed by proven scientific data that meet and exceed government standards.

The development of each product involves extensive detailing of ingredient dosage, evidence of safety, efficacy and quality, as well as manufacturing processes. Our full disclosure policy means that our customers can access this information anytime.

All Nutrition House products are made in facilities that adhere to strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards and are licensed to manufacture Natural Health Products (NHPs).

To confirm compliance with the manufacturing processes, each facility must issue a letter to nutrition house, certifying that each batch of every product meets label claims.

Samples of every batch from the manufacturing facility are sent to a third party lab to be analyzed to confirm identity, potency and purity.

Periodically, products are randomly purchased from retailers, to be sent to a third party lab to be tested for identity, potency and purity.